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Fitt Factor programs are custom designed to help you reach, and maintain, your personal fitness and health goals. Each individual is different, and the routines developed at Fitt Factor are tailored to each clients needs. While working with Fitt Factor, you have the services of a nationally certified NSCA Trainer as well as a certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor. These two certifications, along with years of experience in the industry, provide you with a knowledgeable instructor. Our philosophy is, being healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally is a right. We believe you have the right to feel good and be healthy. It is our mission to help you find the tools to live a healthy life and have a long practice of exercise. Finding your personal edge and pushing yourself within the confines of that edge will help you do just that. Through finding your limits we can find a safe way to have a productive exercise routine that allows you to reap the benefits without injury. A lifelong healthy practice is the goal we can help you achieve. We offer Personal training as well as Yoga and any combination to fulfill your needs.
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